Innovate faster

Compose analytics, user experiences, and automation using an integrated set of services from Microsoft. Build and extend modern business applications fast.

Power users who understand their business challenges the best can now quickly build and deliver solutions without writing code.

Professional developers can now easily extend capabilities for power users and take advantage of rich platform services with the full power of Azure.

The Microsoft Common Data Service offers a rich framework that comes with hundreds of established entities and can be used across apps.

Connectors and Gateways make it possible to get more value out of the services you’re already using.

We at Microsoft along with hundreds of our partners are building on this platform. Now you can too.

Power up your power users

Now business analysts and power users can create apps quickly without writing code. The people who understand their challenges best can compose data analytics, interfaces, and automation into flexible solutions.

Add insights to your apps

Monitor your business and get answers quickly with apps that have stunning visualizations and analytics built in.

Build experiences you can act on

Create rich user experiences across the web, phones and tablets. Assemble forms, add business logic, and take advantage of device capabilities with full creative freedom.

Automate your workflows

Work smarter by building solutions that automate processes across apps and services. Streamline notifications, sync data between systems, automate approval workflows and more.

Seamlessly grow up with Azure

Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are all backed by best-in-class cloud services for enterprise developers and IT professionals. Quickly extend capabilities for power users and scale to enterprise-wide manageability easily at any time.

Unlock insight

Deliver valuable insight that moves your business forward with comprehensive business intelligence, analytics and machine learning services that can be embedded into any app.

Build intelligent interfaces

Leverage powerful cloud platform services to quickly create components for power users. Take advantage of the same services to deliver standalone web and mobile apps rapidly.

Evolve your integration

Bring together disparate applications to deliver solutions such as payment processing, supply chain management, and more that integrate seamlessly with the rest of your apps.

Keep it all connected

Build business apps using a robust data framework with hundreds of established entities built in. Connect the services you’re already using – even custom APIs and on-premises systems.

Build on the Common Data Service

The Microsoft Common Data Service comes with hundreds of entities established over years of working with enterprise customers. Use the same data with any of the platform tools, add custom entities, and rest easy with built-in scalability and analytics.

Get more from the systems you’re already using

Bring together all the data your business already relies on without migrating a thing. Build apps using a rich set of connectors to popular applications, including on-premises sources. Integrate your own APIs easily.

Reach your audience where they are working

Get direct access to a broad range of customers by publishing your applications to Microsoft AppSource. Customers can find your app in context with the services they’re already using.